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Financial Goals & Objectives

In order to reach your financial dreams, you must have clearly defined goals and objectives.  You have to know what your goals are before you can achieve them. Once you define your goals, you then need an actionable plan of objectives set in place to take you there.

As fiduciary advisors, we help you articulate your goals and objectives when you initially meet with us.


Goals are broad aims that do not have dollar amounts or dates associated with them.  For example, a goal might be to "buy a home" or "retire comfortably."


Objectives are specific aims that have dollar amounts and a target date.  For example, "retire with $2,000,000 in January 2015."  We help clients quantify their objectives so that strategies can be set up to achieve the objective.  Additionally, we help clients assign a weight to each objective relative to their other objectives.

We track our client's goals and objectives over the years so that we can show the degree of progress in meeting those goals and objectives.  Goals & Objectives Worksheet

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