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Investment Management

Most clients choose to have Three Bearings Fiduciary Advisors manage their assets in order to obtain ongoing, in-depth advice and life planning.  All aspects of the client’s financial affairs are reviewed.  Realistic and measurable goals are set and objectives to reach those goals are defined.  As goals and objectives change over time, suggestions are made and implemented on an ongoing basis.

We actively manage your assets to assist you in accomplishing your objectives. A financial investment plan is crafted from a snapshot in time. Ongoing implementation monitoring is necessary to continually adjust and tailor your money to adapt to your life events.

We prepare an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) prior to investing your assets so you may review the investment approach and the investment selections we advise. The Investment Policy Statement serves as the road map to guide our efforts during market events. It documents your personal situation, clarifies your objectives, assesses your risk tolerance, and provides investment management guidance during market turmoil. When substantial changes in your circumstances occur, we modify the Investment Policy Statement to suit the new situation.

Client assets are invested primarily in no-load or exchange-traded funds, usually through a discount broker or mutual fund company. The mutual fund company charges each mutual fund shareholder an investment management fee that is disclosed in the mutual fund prospectus. Discount brokerages may charge a transaction fee for the purchase of some mutual funds. Stocks and bonds may be purchased through a brokerage account when appropriate. The brokerage firm usually charges a fee for stock and bond trades.

The investment management strategy for a client is based upon the objectives stated by the client during consultations. The client may change these objectives at any time.

We custody client assets at Charles Schwab & Company, Fidelity Institutional Brokerage Group, and National Advisors Trust Company. The client always maintains asset control.

We provide quarterly performance reports to our investment management clients so portfolios may be evaluated against desired investment objectives. 

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