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Step 3.  Identifying Retirement Income Sources

Retirement income may come from a variety of income sources, and the percentage of each may change over time. See our Retirement Cash Flow Plan for details. 

Income Sources

Common retirement income sources include:

  • Part-time work
  • Company pension plan
  • Lump sum distributions from retirement plans
  • Social Security
  • Taxable investment distributions (brokerage accounts, savings accounts)
  • Tax-deferred investment distributions (IRAs, annuities)
  • Tax-free investment distributions (Roth IRAs)
  • Inheritances

Income Questions

Retirement income related questions you may be pondering are:

  • When should I apply for Social Security benefits?
  • Which payout option should I select for my pension?
  • How will I pay for health insurance until I am eligible for Medicare?
  • Should I continue to work part-time?

We can help you identify the after-tax benefit of each source of retirement income and help you plan when to use each source over time.

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