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Retirement Planning Questions And Answers

When it comes to retirement planning questions, it seems the questions about retirement vary by age:

Young Persons:
Q:  "Am I saving enough for retirement?"

A:  Saving money for retirement competes with "living in the present."  At first this may mean consumer goods and a busy social life. A little later, it may be a new home or children. Our job as retirement planning advisors is to help you strike an even balance between saving for retirement and the other competing demands for your earnings.

Q:  "When can I retire?"

A:  Retirement income planning should be performed while you are still working and still able to influence your future financial situation. Our retirement planning projections are useful in determining when you can plan to retire, and to learn how much you will have to spend during retirement.  We also assist with lump-sum distributions and retirement plan rollovers when you actually reach your retirement date.


Q:  "Am I spending too much? Will I run out of money before I die?"

A:  Our retirement planning income projection tools will help you to gauge your spending to assure that you will not run out of money before you die.

Q:  "Do I have too much money? Should I be giving some of it away now?"

A:  A retirement income projection tool is also useful for demonstrating if one has more than sufficient existing assets to ensure a secure retirement, and if estate reduction measures should be implemented to maximize wealth transfer to the next generation.

All Ages:
Q:  "Am I eligible to roll over some or all of my traditional IRA accounts into a Roth IRA?"

A:  It may be advantageous to roll over your traditional IRA into a Roth IRA, but the rules are complicated and change over time. We tell you whether or not you are eligible, as well as help you to decide if it is advantageous for your income retirement planning.

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